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Eagle Eye

Verification of any kind of notes/ documents/ cards/ checks with infraRed, UV characteristic and water mark.

Technical Data

Unit size (LxWxH) 20.0x17.5x23.6 mm
Net Weight 2.1 kg
Power AC 90-250V
50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption <8.5 W
Temperature 0 - 55 C
Humidity 20% - 70%
Functions InfraRed
UV (Optional)
Water mark (Optional)


Model MD 140 uses ultraviolet and white light to detect various fluorescent and other bank note security features.

Technical Data

Power consumption: 6W or 12W
Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Function: UV
Net weight: 0.9kg
Gross weight: 1.92kg

MD 118

MD118 is a 2 in 1 portable detector / hand light.

MD118 uses ultraviolet and white light to detect various fluorescent and other bank note security features.
MD118 is a simple cost-effective device for determining the authenticity of bank notes and other documents - its watermarks, protective threads and stripes codes, patterns and monuments.

Technical Data

- One 4 Watt UVA tube. - Estimated burning lifetime from short time to relatively long time.
- Fluorescent print is not visible to the human eye.    - Dimension  L = 190 mm,

D = 50 mm, H = 37.5 mm
- Weight 0.16 kg.
- Packing Information Packed in master export cartons of
50 pcs.


1. UV, MG detection
2. Water mark detection
3. Banknote-dimension identification
4. Optional BJ-110 magnifier or BJ-120

Technical Data:

Initiate Mode: Electric rectifier
Power Consumption: 2 x 6W for UV, 6W for W/M
Power Source: AC220V 50hz or AC110V 60hz
Unit Dimension: 268(L)x132(W)x143(H)mm
Packing Dimension: 283(L)x153(W)x168(H)mm
N. Weight/ G. Weight:
0.78kg / 0.98kg


High accuracy detection
EURO, USD, POUND, etc. are available
Denomination sorting & detection
Total value counting
Memorize & print serial number of banknote
Printing output the denomination, quantity, value, series number
LCD sreen
Menu operation interface
Auto adjustment sensitivity
One way feeding direction
Flash memory, save detecting data max. to 8000pcs

Technical Data

Identifying Speed: 3 seconds per banknote
Identifying Direction: Lengthways
Identifying Banknote: Euro
(5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500)
USD published edition after 1977's
Power Source: AC100~240V 50~60hz DC12V
Electric Current: 1.5 A
Unit Dimension: 251(L)x152(W)x109(H)mm
Packing Dimension: 255(L)x156(W)x113(H)mm
N. Weight/ G. Weight:
2.00kg / 2.50kg


A multi-currency detector for EUR,USD(GBP,HKD,JPY, CAD); more currency can be added at requests (quantity is necessary). A professional detector for all super dollars DL-220 is very good for banks, money changes, money transfer centers, shops etc.

Technical Data

Unit size (LxWxH) : 138x128x 71 mm
LCD Display graphical with backlighting
Processing rate(max) 60 pcs/min
Net Weight 0.5 kg
Power AC 110/220V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption 10 W
Humidity 40% - 80%


1. Detect Euro and USD only
2. One way inserting detection
3. Identifying and show EURO and USD denomination
4. UV detecting window
5. With back tray

Technical Data

Identifying Speed: seconds per banknote
Identifying Direction: Lengthways
Identifying Banknote: EURO
USD published edition after 1977
Power Source: AC100~240V 50~60hz DC12V
Electric Current: 1.5 A
Unit Dimension: 250(L)x132(W)x105(H)mm
Packing Dimension: 300(L)x187(W)x167(H)mm
N. Weight/ G. Weight:
1.50kg / 2.00kg

SuperVision mc

Semi automatic objective verifier, with motorized banknote transport.
Double feeding control.
Space saving parking of accepted banknotes in pocket turned 180 degrees.
Suspect banknotes automatically generate transport stop and the note can be easily removed.
Count numbers of accepted banknotes and total value.
Report number of different denominations tested and accepted.
Detects all Euro banknotes and US Dollars including old series from before 1988.
Local currencies by customized software upgrade.
Joystick for easy operation.
User friendly display menues for easy operation.

Technical Data

Dimensions  L = 303 mm, D = 187 mm, H = 115 mm
Weight Net 1.46 kg
Detection Multiple wavelength absorbtion & reflection technology combined with new laser, magnetic and thread sensors.
Detection speed 2 notes per/sec.
Stacker capacity 100 notes, orderly parked
Transport system Friction type
Feeder system Manual type
Power AC 100–240V, 50/60 Hz

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