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ORION- An extraordinary coin counting & sorting adopted for Albanian coins “Leke”.

Orion electronic coin counting & sorting system is an ideal solution for Albanian banks, cash centres, casinos, as well as other users dealing with the coins. This model has a perfect software for “Leke”, with alloy detection for counterfeit, damaged and foreign coins has an strong steel structure to cover  a heavy duty job.

Main features:
Counts & sorts 8 different coins + 1 exit for the rejection
Classification’s drawers capacity : 300 coins (exits to bags as an option)
Independent batch programing for each exit
PC and Printer connection
5 languages available for the menus of programming
Memory of the accumulated total .
Display for the processing data

Technical Data 

Counting/sorting speed:
Up to 800 coins/min.

Coin size
Diameter: 14-32mm
Thikness: 0.8-3.2mm

Power supply:
110-220 VAC +/-10%
12 VDC
50-60 HZ
Noise: 60dB A

Height:400 mm.
Depth: 250 mm.
Width: 640 mm.

Approx.23 Kg.

Minitube holderse

Coin Sorter: CS-3515 High Speed

The disc sorter CS-3515 is a high performance coin counting and sorting system, which is especially designed for processing medium to large quantities of coins at banks, cash centres, public transport companies, casinos, department stores and supermarkets etc.

This model can count and sort 9 different types of coins in one operation at a speed of up to 2,400 coins/min. It can recognise and sort out foreign coins and counterfeits, which are automatically rejected.

Easy Operation
The CS-3515 is operated via a user-friendly keypad and clear on-display instructions. Customised parameters and modes of operation can be pre-selected in advance, offering a multitude of possible applications for logging and detailed memory storage of the results.

CS-3515 Technical Data 

Counting/sorting speed:
Up to 2,400 coins/min.

Hopper capacity:
6 litres (6,000 cc)

Power supply:
230 VAC/50 Hz or 115 VAC/60 Hz

Height: 1,160 mm.
Depth: 700 mm.
Width: 450 mm.

Approx. 95 Kg.

Power consumption:
600 W

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