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YL-303B Aautomatic Banknote strapping machine

A heavy duty
-operation speed is 2 times faster than semi- automatic strapping machine.
-Wheels make transportation convenient
-High quality of international level
-Jam-free Mechanism
-Harmful gas absorbing apparatus 
-Efficiency of working space
-Convenient strapping of banknote

 Excellent durability and precision
- Has enhanced the precision of every main parts and reduced error rate to the minimum
which happens to strapping machine during operation.

 Merits after application
- Strapping speed is about two times faster and convenient than semi-automatic strapping machine.
- By using the band of 0.3~0.4mm in thickness strapped status is clean and reduces expense of consumable.
- Built-in bad smell absorbing apparatus reduces a great deal of bad smell.  

Technical Data

Standardarch: 260(W) X 220(H) mm
Tension: 1 ~ 20kg
Strapping Speed:19 Strapping / min
Dimensions: 761(W) X 325(D) X 463(H) mm
Weight: 27kg
Power Supply: AC 100V, 220V, 50/60Hz
Strap Width: 6mm   8mm   10mm
Length: 762m   508m     400m

Coin wrapping machine heavy duty model

Coin wrapping machine standart model

Rugged and reliable, these coin wrappers deliver top performance day-in and day-out. The high-speed WR-500 counts large volumes of coins and the normal speed WR-90 is versatile for any size of operation

Technical Data

Counting speed (max.):
WR-500: 3000 coins/min
WR-90: 2000 coins/min.

Wrapping speed (max.):
WR-500: 40 rolls/min.
WR-90: 25 rolls/min.

Hopper capacity (max.):
WR-500:18,000 coins
WR-90: 9,000 coins

Acceptable coins:
Max. 32 denominations
Diameter: 15-40 mm
Thickness: 1.0-3.5 mm

No. of coins wrapped
in one roll:
Preset for each denomination

Power source:
100/220/240VAC ±10% 50/60Hz

External dimensions:
WR-500: 450(W) x 633(D) x
1,100(H) mm

WR-90: 450(W) x 633(D) x
1,035(H) mm

WR-500: 150 Kg
WR-90: 150 Kg

Power consumption:
Less than 400 W

Vacuum Packing Machine for Banknotes

Technical Data

Voltage: 220/50 110/60V AC/Hz
Motor power: 370W
Sealing power: 200W
Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1.0Kpa
Number of sealing bar for each chamber: 1
Sealing length: 260mm
Sealing width: 8mm
Chamber dimensions (L x W x H): 385 x 282 x 50mm
Vacuum pump rate: 10m3/h
Material for vacuum chamber: stainless steel
Dimensions(L x W x H): 480 x 330 x 360mm
Net Weight: 35kg

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