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Quick facts about ICMES:

Over 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry

One of the leading providers of technological and commercial products and services in Albania

Exclusive representative of the world's largest companies in banknotes and securities printing, smart cards, and cash handling systems


For further information please contact:

Tel : + 355 692071710
Tel : + 355 042374879


About ICMES:

ICMES Ltd., Tirana, Albania was founded in 1995. In over 28 years, the company has gone through a wide diversification of its activities and services, thereby better adapting to market demands.

Since 2000, ICMES has increased its focus on fulfilling the demands of different organizations, including those in the service sector, on their overall technological advancement, as well as on its modern implementation. ICMES has been involved mainly in the banking, financial, transportation. agricultural, and medical industries.

Today, ICMES is the main Albanian supplier, installer, and maintenance provider of systems, machinery and equipments (hardware and software), cards and securities printings in the banking and financial industry.

Having a highly qualified staff, ICMES collaborates successfully with all the Albanian banks and financial institutions, finding the best solutions to their problems, projects as well as the activities.

ICMES works in cooperation with the most well-known exclusive global partners located in Germany, Austria, Italiy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China.

Our Honoured Customers:

Central Bank of Albania

Banking and financial industry

Service sector

Public administration

Company goals:

Our aim is to create a close and mutually beneficial relationship with
our customers. We strive to always keep our customers extremely satisfied. We aim to meet customer demands in delivering the most advanced technology and infrustructure available on the market.

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