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ICMES provides the following advantages:

Guaranteed response times

Reduction of unplanned downtimes through early detection

Tips and tricks from experts

Ideal planning for maintenance times

Service on site or in the immediate vicinity

Why choose our products and services:

They always are the best quality offered from a first class company

Even then when their price seems to be very cheap they again are the best quality in terms of the price/quality ratio

With the industry-specific expertise of our employees, we support our customers in their daily handling operations

As an added benefit, customers profit from our specialists' international experience in all aspects

Due to the close contacts maintained with our customers, we are able to devise specific solution for every requirement

Know-How & Technology Transfer:

- Advice on Innovation, Technology Transfer and Exploitation

- Identifying Technology Need and/or Technology Potential

- Contract Negotiation Assistance

- Further Support and Advice

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Integrating technological solutions for customers and optimum plant layout planning

The service offered by ICMES involves more than just the selling or the installation of the technology. If necessary, field engineers will integrate software and hardware on-site into the installed systems, machineries and equipments. Furthermore, ICMES field engineers support customers in all details of planning — from the optimum location of the systems and required internal engineering designs. The consulting results are summarized in an installation plan.


Services include , maintenance, repair, and general overhaul

ICMES service can also include maintenance, repairs, and general overhaul. Mainteance includes preventive as well as regular inspection to maintain operability.

We offer these services to customers with or without a full service contract as well as to customers with their own service teams.

Spare parts service

With original spare parts developed for high performance operation, ICMES can ensure production security and competitive advantages. The spare parts are also subjected to ongoing developments in technology and material – to the customer’s advantage.

Maintenance measures for optimum system status

ICMES field engineers not only correct defects and replace wearing parts in a professional and proper fashion, they also create a maintenance plan that is kept up to date, just like the system documentation.

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