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Know-How & Transfer of Technology

What are some of the features?

Provide transfer of knowledge and technology for development of products and processes that improve your business

Involves process of delegating increasing responsibility for technology adoption and use

Use of proven methods and best practices for technology transfer

Flexible payment arrangements

What makes ICMES unique?

Many people who "do" technology transfer are technologists by trade. Implementing the technology is much easier than transferring the skills to enable others to use the technology. Transfer is an afterthought.

We are both technologists and trainers. For us, implementing the technology also comes fairly easily; and the transfer part is our nature. From the beginning, we construct a plan for your employee's progressive acquisition of skills

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Advice on Innovation, Technology Transfer and Exploitation

ICMES adopts a one-to-one approach with local companies. As part of the service ICMES experts will be pleased to visit your company to discuss whether you would like to take advantage of the opportunities that the ICMES offers.

ICMES staff can arrange for a technology assessment to be carried out for your organisation. On the basis of this, they can advise you on the opportunities for introduction of new technologies into your company, and to also help promote your own innovative technologies to the rest of Europe.

Contract Negotiation Assistance

ICMES not only helps you to identify partners but also gives you assistance during the negotiation phase of the contract.

The assistance may include:
- The drafting of a confidentiality agreement
- The organisation of the first meeting with provision of a venue and if necessary a translator
- The organisation of the visit to the partner
- The provision of model technology transfer agreements.

Identifying Technology Need and/or Technology Potential

Technology Needs:
Finding technology solutions for your business. If you would like to be more proactive in finding innovative technologies,ICMES, through their partners, under the agreement with you, can send details of your technology need to the respective network.

ICMES will help you to:
- Create a technology profile in English, to choose the right technology keywords to describe your technology requirements
- Find business centres in Europe as well as other areas of interest that can supply you with new technologies or ideas
- Identify new business opportunities.

Technology to Offer:
- Promoting your products in Europe as well as in other interested markets. The ICMES Network is proactive in the promotion of new and innovative technologies.
- Choosing the right technology, documenting the innovative aspects and main advantages, etc.
- Locate potential partners throughout Europe or other interested area for licensing and/or manufacturing agreements.
- Negotiating such agreements.

Further Support and Advice

ICMES through their network can help with the selection and identification of projects, which are suitable for innovative financing, organise meetings with business angels and venture capital funds operators, organise transnational innovation financing brokerage events such as for investment and, if the expertise is available, assist your company with the preparation of the technical part of the business plan for investors.
We can also advice on how best to protect your company's innovative technologies. Advice may also be provided by a third party, a patent lawyer, employed by by us.

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