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BPS - M7
Banknote Processing System

BPS M7 based on the proven BPS 1000, is the new generation raising the bencmark for banknote processing in professional cash centers. Thanks to its modular construction, BPS M7 can be configured for a variety of customer requirements in central banks and commercial banks, cash-in-transit companies and casinos, with up to 20 stackers.

With a throughput of up to 120,000 banknotes per hour, the BPS M7 is setting a new benchmark in productivity.
Automatic bandingnd and online bundling and shredding makes this banknote processing system extremely efficient and secure.

The BPS M7 offers two banknote proccessing options, single denomonation and multiple denomination.

BPS - C4
Desktop banknote processing system

Upgrade your security and still save time & money

Broad application spectrum:
The system is used around the world and is designed for a wide range of materials – be they paper or polymer, hot off the press, heavily soiled or damaged deposits. From banknotes to casino tickets, the BPS C4 can process everything.

High flexibility:
The BPS C4 is modular and scalable and can therefore adapt perfectly to any processing requirements. Operators can achieve even more flexibility by using the large delivery modules (LDM), which can process up to 500 banknotes. This is an advantage both when filling ATM cashboxes and when collecting unusual denominations and sorting them at the end of processing.

High throughput, low processing costs:
Only one operator and one pass are required for the different sorting procedures. Up to 20 delivery compartments with variable configurations allow a maximum number of processing jobs to be run in parallel at speeds of up to 40,000 banknotes per hour.

BPS® C2-2-3-4 family products                                           Banknote processing systems

Great productivity and higher throughput of BPS® C2 family products considerably increase productivity. With no loss of speed, banknotes are counted, checked for authenticity, and sorted by denomination, orientation, and quality. User-oriented and optimized operator guidance keep the number of work steps required to a minimum.

Commercial banks, cash-in-transit companies, casinos and retailers can use BPS® C2 to set up efficient and accurate cash handling processes.

GREATER SECURITY                                                      
BPS C2 boasts the ultimate top-class sensor – fast, reliable, precise. The system’s remarkable capability to detect counterfeits and sort for fitness reliably and consistently throughout the service life of the system is setting new standards.

GREATER FUTURE VIABILITY                                         Numerous interfaces make it easy to integrate BPS® C2 into your processing environment and to fully leverage the versatile nature of networked industry. Modern tools, apps, and web services can be seamlessly included for customer processes that are efficient and cost-saving



BPS C5 - Baknote processing system with maximum efficiency

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is the world’s leading provider of premium products & system solutions for banknote processing of the top quality for superior durability and longevity.

BPS-C5 is talor-made for a new level of efficiency and precisely fulfills banknote precessing for today and future requirements, with outstanding flexibility and user fiendliness.

The modular concept of this system enables wide-ranging configuration option, which can opt up to 25 output stackers. and a nominal throughput up to 63.000 banknotes per hour, enabling divers customer requirements to be met. The perfect combination makes the investment future-proof and banknote processing event more cost-effective.

The BPS-C5 was developed to specifically meet the needs of small and medium-sized cash centers and count rooms. It is an ideal choice also for Bank branches, Casinos, Cash desks at Central Bank branches, Public transit authorities etc.

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Brochure on PDF BPS C5


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