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Coin Sorting System

Coin counting & sorting system is an ideal solution for banks, cash centres, casinos, as well as other users dealing with the coins. This model has a perfect software, with alloy detection for counterfeit, damaged and foreign coins. It has an strong steel structure to cover a heavy duty job.

Main features:
Counts & sorts 8 different coins + 1 exit for the rejection
Classification’s drawers capacity : 300 coins (exits to bags as an option)
Independent batch programing for each exit
PC and Printer connection
5 languages available for the menus of programming
Memory of the accumulated total
Display for the processing data

Technical Data

Up to 900 coins/min.

Coin dimensions:
Diameter: 14-34mm
Thikness: <4mm

Power supply:
230 VAC -60 HZ
Noise: 60dB A

Height:272 mm.
Depth: 354 mm.
Width: 606 mm.

Approx.23 Kg.

Minitube holders

Coin Wrapping System

The Coin counting and rapping  system, is especially designed for processing with an average speed  of up to 35 coinrolls per minute. Based on proven and trusted coin wrapping mechanisms, this wrapper utilises a modern elelctronis and software design to enable a coin wrapper to be seamlessly intergrated into a volume coin handling operation.

This wrapper suported by a special automated lift uses a unique, precise coin stacker design to ensure that all coins are neatly stacked at high speed. Low noise level makes it also very suitable for the back office area in  banks.


Technical Data

Up to 35 rolls/min.

Power supply:
230 VAC/50 Hz or 110 VAC/60 Hz

Height: 1135 mm.
Depth:   585 mm.
Width:   450 mm.

Approx. 140 Kg.

Power Consumtion:
600 W

Interfaces:             Coin lift                           Alarm lamp                     Automated packing systems                    


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