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Queue System

Queue System are used worldwide at different offices, such as banks, post offices, surgeries, clinics, hospitals and other public buildings. They are ideal for any application requiring effective visual communication where you want to present real time information, increase sales, promote safety, and present a professional image. In addition we can offer customized solutions for all other queue management scenarios. It has the main functions of calling, recalling, reserving, calling back, cancel, data statues and so on.


The central control unit shows the dynamic service status instantly. 
The number of customers waiting for service will be updated and displayed in the ticket issuing machine every time a ticket is drawn from it. 
The chief teller and any particular teller can call each other by pressing a key on the central control unit or a button on the teller keyboard respectively. 

Exchange Rate Board / Currency Board


The Exchange Rate Boards can be used to display foreign exchange rates, interest rates & pricing information. Infrared remote control keyboard. Built in RS-232C port for connection to PC or modem. Built in Timer, auto ON/OFF. Self-testing function. Self-testing function. Easy operation, installation. 0.8'' Red, Green or Yellow LED. Non-reflective acrylic lens. Any amount of row and column available. Application for Bank, Money Exchange, Financial institutions. Removable magnetic flag strip. A Moving Message Sign is available to be incorporated for displaying additional information or advertising.

LED Moving Message Sign

The Most User-friendly moving sign


- Micro Controller Technology
- PC Interface RS 232 comm.  
- Multicolor Display
- Super Bright LED Technology - Daylight Visibility
- Rugged & Weatherproof for Outdoor use  
- Models available ( 2”, 4”, 8”) up to 20 characters

Multiline Sign


- PC operation under Windows 95 or higher
- RS 422 / 485pecifications
- Minimum Display: 3 lines X 10 chars.
- Maximum Display : 24 lines X 80 characters
- English & European language are available
- Date & Time Display
- COM Port transmission or LAN (option)
- Simulation function on PC
- LED Modules : 3 lines X 10 characters & 3 lines X 5 characters
- LED Type : 5X7 dot matrix block in 3mm or 5mm diameter
- Color of LED : Red, Green or Yellow
- Memory Capacity : 255 pages, 90 days memory back up
- Can be constructed to customers design

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