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For further information please contact:

Tel : + 355 692071710
Tel : + 355 042374879

Payment terminals: Countertop & Portable terminals

Multi-application countertop & portable terminals process debit or credit cards online or offline mode. They can handle either magnetic stripe cards or smart cards, with or without PIN verification.

As a cost-effective and high performance payment terminals,they are ready to take up all challenges and comply with international security standards.

Technical Data

Powerful ARM9 Risc 32-bit processor, a silent printer (18 lines per second) and a large memory capacity (16+8 Mb). It is VISA PED certified.

Calculators with print & without print option

Technical Data

Size:  Desktop 
Type:  Business and Scientific & Basic 
Print Option:  With & Without 
Display: Large 
Power Source:  AC Cord & Battery / Solar 
Key Size:  Regular  & Large
AC Connectivity
Last Digit Erase

Cheque Printer

1. Mirco-computer controlling
2. Cheque, document printing
3. Clear printing code
4. High speed printing
5. Calculate module

Technical Data

Printing Method: Mould printing
Printing Color: Black or red
Power Source: AC220V 50hz or AC110V 60hz
Power Consumption: 18W
Unit Dimension: 246(L) x 177(W) x120(H)mm
Packing Dimension: 293(L) x 250(W) x159(H)mm
N. Weight / G. Weight: 2.24kg / 2.65kg

Paper Shredder

1. Automatic paper shred
2. For grain paper
3. Over-loading protection
4. High quality motor

Technical Data:

Feeding Paper Size: 200mm
Feeding Thickness: 1.9 x2mm
Shred Capacity: 6pcs x A4 paper
Power Source: AC220 50hz or AC110 60hz
Power Consumption: 80W
Unit Dimension: 342(L)x220(W)x586(H)mm
Packing Dimension: 478(L)x334(W)x768(H)mm
N. Weight / G. Weight: 12.20kg / 13.20kg

Banding and strapping materials


All materials above can be printed.
Due to our tight cooperation with our printing facility it is possible to print banding material in a fast way.
Please go into contact with us if you are interested.

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