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Coin Counters - Compact and simple

Coin counter processes and counts pre-sorted coins – without valuation. Due to its two-button operation, operation is very simple.

A simple handle is used to switch between up to 10 different coin types. All coins with a diameter less than 0.5 mm are automatically removed from the coin counter. Variable quantity stops are also adjustable for comfortable use.

• coin counter for single denomination coins  
• intake capacity: up to 12.000 coins      
• counting speed: 2.500 coins/minute      
• up to 10 cointypes      
• storage of counting perations  
• large hopper extension included





Value counting coin

It is a compact, convenient mix counter which counts multiple coin denominations in one single run.

The unit can count continuously or counts to a preset total of coins. For detection of foreign coins the counter uses Coinsure® Senso.

Because of its sturdy metal housing and its professional mechanism this device is especially suitable for bank cashiers and retailers.

Technical Data:

Counting speed:
2,500 coins/min. (max.)

Hopper capacity:
Approx. 4,000 coins

Acceptable coins:
Diameter: 14-34 mm
Thickness: 0.7-3.9 mm
10 denominations

Power supply:
220/240 VAC ±10%, 50Hz

270(W)x 362(D)x240(H) mm

Weight: 11 Kg









Technical Data:

Diameter: 14 mm – 34mm Thickness < 4 mm Coin

Denominations: 8             Form of counting:               Mix / sacking / tubing

General Data             Display -Type LCD

Batching:                     variable 0 – 999 / preset

Hopper capacity: 800 coins

Counting speed               max. 900 coins / min

Dimensions :                      (Wx LxH)290x370x280 mm Weight 12,0 kg

Power consumption: 80W Power supply: 230V 60 Hz

Interfaces:   RS232 PC-connection serial port, Printer, serial port USB-port updates by USB-stick


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